Join us on RadioManual!

Why we need you on RadioManual?

RadioManual offer all services for free, as per "HAM spirit".

We are not part of associations or private/public entity, so we cannot use resources coming from professional websites. On the other side, the workload, due to the so wide experience, needs to be spread between very motivated people that want to enter in the "history" of OM public website.

Who we need? We need some OM that are familiar with WEB applications, that can spend few hours of spare time per month, to upgrade this unbelieveable collection of radio manuals. No restrictions for worldwide candidate (fluent knowledge of English language is mandatory, French or Spanish is welcome!).

In particularly we need these skills:

  • 1 expert in HTML/CCS/PHP/FTP/Linux webserver, to restyle/upgrade the listing presentation.
  • 1 expert in PDF treatments/FTP, to manage manuals and diagrams (capability of categorization is requested), with knowledge of OM rigs and/or SWL rigs and/or SURPLUS rigs.

Canditates that wish to be part of this adventure, are requested to send a CV, in which they describe their expertise with proven works and collaborations to other websites (not necessarily "HAM" website!), via e-mail to

Enjoy to stay on! team


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